How to Set Up a Face2FaceAnywhere Account

  • Face2face Technologies allows families and friends to conduct Remote internet video visitation with the incarcerated in Correctional Centres across South Africa without taking off from work and having to endure the tiring journey to Correctional facilities. "Remote" simply means that visits may be conducted from literally anywhere in the country.
  • The process allows for simple, safe access to your incarnated loved ones.
  • All visitors wishing to chat online to an inmate at any of the Correctional facilities via our video visitation system should firstly register a Face2FaceAnywhere account.
  • Visitors may easily and conveniently schedule multiple daily visitations online (refer to Visitation Rules) once their account has been created
  • The returning visitor will simply sign in to access his account, review his visitation history, and schedule new visits.
  • Online Visitation hours will be from 10:00am to 6:00pm, 7 days a week.
  • With a computer/mobile phone and Internet connection that meets our minimum system requirements; you can begin video visiting today. If you do not have a Web Cam you will be able to see your loved one but they will be unable to see you.

  • Follow these step by step instructions on to learn "How to" create an account, user profile, select a facility and activate an account.

    1. To create an account, type in the address bar of your web browser.

    2. Once on that page, select the option to Register a new account (existing users may simply login using their username and password - skip ahead to "Using" step 1.

    3. Once you click the "Register" button, you will be taken to the Account Creation page where you will build your unique Face2FaceAnywhere user profile. All information must be accurately completed, including the acceptance of the Terms of Use before your account can be successfully created. If you encounter a warning about secure items, select "Yes" to ensure that only secure, encrypted items are shown.

    4. On the Profile Information/Account & Security Information page, enter your information - it is very important that your first and last name match what is on your government issued ID (driver's license, etc.) as it may need to match official visitation information for security purposes. For example, if the name on your driver's license is "Patrick", but you go by the nickname "Pat", please use "Patrick" in the first name field. Be sure to memorise your User ID and Password, as this information is not included in any of your confirmation materials and you will need it to log into the system every time you use it. It is very important to use a valid email address, as you will receive a confirmation email at that address upon completion of account creation. You will be unable to use the account without your valid email address. If you do not have an email account, here are several providers of free email accounts:

    If you do not have access to an email account you will be unable to move forward at this point, so please stop and create one. Once you have an email account, complete all the fields on the account setup page, and select "Continue". If you did not fill out all the information, or any of the information does not fulfil any of the mandatory requirements (character length, inclusion of numbers, etc.), that item will be highlighted in red and you will need to rectify it before continuing. Once the system accepts your entry, you will proceed to the Facility Selection page.

    5. On the Facility Selection page, a two-step process is required to locate your desired facility. The first step is to select the correct province the facility is located in. Once the province is selected, the second selection list will contain a list of all facilities serviced by face2faceanywhere. Please select the desired facility from this list. Once you have verified that you have selected the correct facility, you may select the 'Continue' button to proceed.

    6. It is very important that your first and last name match what is on your government issued ID (driver's license, etc.) as it may need to match official visitation information for security purposes. If any of your information is incorrect, please click "Back" and fix the information. Also, be sure that you remember your User ID and password, as this information is not included in any of your confirmation materials. Once you are certain that the information on the screen is correct and you have written down your username and password, click the "Submit" button to create your account.

    7. You will now be taken to the confirmation page. It provides directions on the next steps to take. You will need to activate your account from the email you provided in step 4, in order to use your account.

    8. Find your confirmation email - it will likely be in either your inbox, or your spam/junk folder in your email. To find it, first go to your inbox to look for the email. If it is not there, go to your spam/junk folder and look for it there. The email subject line should be "Face2Faceanywhere Account Information", and it should be addressed from"

    9. Inside the email, you will see a link to "Activate Account" if you click this you will be taken to Face2Faceanywhere. Once there, you can then log into the site using the User ID and password you created during the account setup process. If the link does not work for you, you can copy the full URL provided and paste it into the address bar of your browser and activate your account that way. Once your account is activated, you can simply visit thereafter and use your login information to access the site.

    10. Once all of the above is completed you will then be required to go to the "Profile" page and upload a picture of yourself plus a copy of your ID or Driver's License. After these have been successfully uploaded you will then get an email on whether or not you have been successfully verified.

    11. Remember once successful verification has taken place, the setting up of future Remote Visits will be simpler as steps will not need to be repeated.